Bad A** Bees is now a reality: named my beekeeping business

I am so new to beekeeping that I am probably talking nonsense, but I think it would be fun (and hard work) to become a sideliner beekeeper – sell a little honey and maybe someday bees, in addition to my day job.

Bad Ass Bees business card with contact information and a cute bee illustration.
First business card.


I bounced around different names – I probably have about 50 names in a list in my Evernote account from brainstorming – but I kept coming back to Bad Ass Bees. My first name is Beth Ann & when I introduce myself as “BA” (which I prefer), people sometimes jokingly ask if it stands for “bad ass”, which IS a joke because I am so far from being a bad ass it’s ridiculous. Which is part of why I think it’s so funny.

The whole adventure of having my own business is really exciting to me, too. It’s exciting because I have NO IDEA how to run a business. My hubby told me I first had to go and file a DBA (doing business as) at the county clerk’s office. The lady at the desk didn’t even bat an eye when I told her the name of my business. Within 15 minutes, I walked out with this document and a big, silly grin on my face.

DBA for Bad Ass Bees
DBA for Bad Ass Bees

I also want a business card to hand out to folks who might be interested in buying honey, so I put together this business card with Photoshop Elements (hubby again to the rescue!) and sent an order in to Vista print. It’s not perfect, but good enough!

These are quiet months out in the bee yard with the bees in cluster in their hives (all 3 are alive and buzzing when I listen), but I am very busy inside trying to figure out what my plans are for the future, how much do things cost, how DOES one split a hive, how do I manage the KTBH in the spring, and other things that I need to learn. It’s exciting times for me!!

This is the bee yard this morning. We’re blessed to have some sunshine today.

Bee yard in snow.
Bee yard in snow.

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