Bee hive winter update 15 March 2015

Quick video looking into all 3 of my hives, the two Langstroth hives and the Kenyan top bar hive as we come to the end of winter.

Bee hive winter update


Actually, it’s the end of winter. In 4 days, it will be officially spring here and I’m so excited. It was a tough year full of cold days and snow storms. Made me consider shoveling or plowing a path into the bee yard.

For my bee hive winter update, I have to admit that both Langstroths were light on honey back in the fall. I never collected honey from them, but they were packages in the spring and they both swarmed (my bad, I didn’t realize they were getting nectar bound and weren’t moving up into the next hive body I offered them – noobie mistake). They just didn’t build up good stores. I fed them sugar syrup in the fall but I did that a little late. So I fed all the hives dry sugar – the Langstroths got it Mountain Camp style and I dumped it on the floor of the Kenyan top bar hive.

Hive A is taking their sugar. They have taken most of their sugar. Hive B, the tiny cluster of bees that they are, is still surviving and has barely touched their sugar. The Kenyan top bar hive is still on their combs, not taking sugar yet that I can see. I said in the video I wasn’t going to go into that hive any further, but I did peek (just couldn’t film it and do it at the same time) between 2 top bars at the edge of the cluster and the bees were not down by the sugar, they were up at the top of the comb – and trying to come out for a walk on the top bars.

So I don’t expect these success rates in the future as I continue forward, but it looks like 3 out of 3 hives survived my first winter.

How are your hives doing? Did you have a rough, long, cold winter too? Feel free to give a bee hive winter update of your own here. Please comment below.

Happy beekeeping everyone!

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