Fall bee hive update

I have three hives and as we enter Fall, each is doing a little different. This is a nerve wracking season for me as a first year bee keeper, trying to make sure they are as well prepared as can be, because once it’s cold and they’re winterized, I won’t be able to go in and “help” them at all or (more likely needed) fix mistakes I made earlier. And my fingers will be crossed all winter. We’ll see who survives and is alive in the Spring.

Hive A, Langstroth, 8 frame mediums:

Hive A, east entrance.
Hive A, east entrance. Hive top feeder is top box.

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Kenyan Top Bar Hive – Learning Experience

You know that heart sinking feeling when something goes wrong? Yeah, that.

That’s what I experienced Friday, September 12th, when I did a hive inspection of the Kenyan top bar hive (KTBH). It was mid-day, mid-seventies, so not too hot. And I found some of the comb close to the entrance (starting with comb 14 of 20 [20 being the newest comb]) curling at the edges towards the entrance, which I have heard happens. And I have also heard to cut the comb off the top bar a little at the edges, push it back where I want it to be & the bees will fix it back onto the top bar. I did this to comb 18, 17, 16 and put them back into the hive. While comb 15 was hanging on the outside of the hive (over a Langstroth inner cover in case anything dropped – I was thinking “queen” when I set it up), I adjusted the edges and turning away, heard a sickening “thud” as 2/3 of the comb broke off the top bar and plopped onto the inner cover on the ground.   Continue reading “Kenyan Top Bar Hive – Learning Experience”

One swarm captured and Two queenless hives

“One swarm captured and Two queenless hives.” Kinda like “two turntables and a microphone”… or not.

So, I caught a swarm with my dad last week!!! OMG it was so exciting, I almost hyperventilated. We installed them in a homemade Kenyan Top Bar Hive (KTBH) I wasn’t planning on using until next year. So now I have 2 Langstroths and a KTBH. I’ve been scrambling to re-read the KTBH info I originally read a year ago (and promptly replaced in my brain with Langstroth info). I’ll write about that hive another time – it’s doing great at the moment.

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