Warré hive design

Thinking about running an easy hive for a beginner beekeeper? This Warré hive design post is a video tour, and filmed before the bees were installed. Warré hives have the reputation of being “natural”: the People’s Hive!

 Warré hive design – a video tour


Components of this Warré hive:

  • screened bottom board (with space to slide in an observation board)
  • hive body with rabbets (“rebates” in England) at the top and bottom
  • corked holes in the hive bodies to check on comb and could be upper entrances
  • nails to act as spacers
  • top bars with groove and popsicle stick comb guides
  • top bars treated on top with raw linseed oil
  • hive top feeder
  • top bar cloth
  • quilt box
  • roof with mouse board and ventilation

You can read more about the pros and cons of Warré hives.

Do you have a Warré hive? Or did you? What did you think of it? Or maybe you are considering one? Please feel free to comment below.

 Happy beekeeping everybody!

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